Website for Michael Eselun, an engaging inspirational speaker who serves as an oncology chaplain. His most recent TEDx talk is entitled "It's Magic".  Michael Eselun has worked extensively in oncology, hospice, palliative care and with acute psychiatric patients. 

Michael is also a co-founder and chair of a non-profit, volunteer anti-homophobia speakers bureau called GLIDE, Gays and Lesbians Initiating Dialogue for Equality.

Michael Eselun, inspirational speaker, serves as the chaplain for the Simms-Mann/UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. He is somewhat unusual, in that he is neither an ordained minister, nor particularly religious in any conventional way. 

"Michael is a master storyteller and, more importantly, a most magnificent story listener!" – Rev. Ronald David, MD

The seed was planted for his chaplaincy doing volunteer hospice work during the peak of the AIDS crisis. He speaks from the place where all of us find ourselves at one time or another-- in the place of the outsider, in the margins… misunderstood, isolated, abandoned, perhaps doubting long held beliefs, and now holding more questions than answers.  

"Michael manages to hit that sweet spot between meaning and uncertainty and then brings us all closer together because of it." – Rev. Judith Meyer, Minister Emerita, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica

Michael's speaking style is highly entertaining, even given the heavy topics he tackles.  Audiences find themselves laughing, crying and awed by the succinct and poignant connections he makes.

"What Michael did was create a glorious web of wonder, wisdom and inspiration for all of us to look up to!" – Deborah Wilcox, Performing Arts Educator